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One of the most overlook parts of a man’s body would be his low hanging balls

Our new site lowhangingballs.net celebrates low hanging balls and their true beauty.

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We will feature a complete gallery of low hanging balls photography from many different hot male models along with low hanging balls from many amateur models. Our entire site including the low hanging balls galleries will be FREE!  But if you really like our site and want to see it grow we can use your HELP not your money. Here are some things you can do to help our community of low hanging balls and them men that own them.


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This is a free site and it is being created as a labor of love, I feel that low hanging balls never get the recognition they deserve. If it were not for all beautiful sets of low hanging balls there would be no civilization! Men and women of the world need to join together and give low hanging balls the love and attention they deserve.


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We will feature models showing their low hanging balls in many different ways. The low hanging balls you see will belong to models that range in age from 18 to 50 years old and beyond. But we tend to skew to the younger guys.



Add your low hanging balls to our gallery.

We would love to see your balls and if you are man enough to share pictures of your low hanging balls we will post them for you! E-mail your low hanging balls photos to





Is it true that gay men appreciate low hanging balls more then women?

There are women out there the love balls and crave to play with them but gay men absolutely love balls, we work with hundreds  of models and our gay models love balls of all kinds but especially low hanging balls and gay men know how to treat them. I only wish there was a college level course for women to learn how to really service a set of balls like they deserve to be. Ladies out there ask you gay buddies how to handle a low hanging set of balls and to pleasure them correctly, remember there’s always something new you can learn to make your man happy.


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How to make your low hanging balls look bigger.

There are devices and special fetish style suits that actually stretch the balls making them look bigger and hang lower. We will go into more details in future articles but know this if you have a tiny little sack and little balls there are things you can do to get those balls to look bigger and make them low hanging.



How to actually increase the size of your low hanging balls.

This is another article will be posting but there is an entire fetish about pumping balls.

Guys that are into this fetish can make their low hanging balls huge, sometimes the size

of an orange! Extreme ball pumpers can even make their balls larger then that!



The locker room, the one place a nice large set of low hanging balls gets respect.

Whether or not you are gay, straight or bisexual every man respects a set of big balls and if those big balls are low hanging everyone looks. I have no idea why but the fact is you here so many guy say things like did you see that guys balls they were huge; damn those things almost touched the ground! When you hear guys in the locker room talking like this there is always respect about it.



Stories about low hanging balls

We will be publishing stories about low hanging balls in future postings but if you have any of your own feel free to e-mail them to us. It can be about yourself, it can be fiction erotica or? Let us know about your favorite low hanging balls stories.




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